Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Characters are Cast for the Shroud Trilogy

Thanks to Crystal, who found fantastic pictures of Coleman and Jolie, the cast for the Shroud Trilogy is set!

First we have Vincent. I've always envisioned Robbie Amell for the lead. He'll have to "play down" in age, but he has the perfect look.

Addison Timlin is the ideal Jule and has that special something about her. A mischievous spark in her eyes that fits Jule to a tee.

Sari is a the heroine from the Realm and Julianne Hough rocks the part. She has that Nordic look and caring demeanor so central to the character.

This guy completely captures Coleman's intensity.  There's also a kindness in his eyes that's so vital

Last, but definitely not least, this green eyed girl jumped from my mind onto Crystal's computer. She couldn't be more perfect for Jolie. Fierce, competent, and clear-minded.

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