Monday, August 4, 2014

Help Cast the Characters for Mending the Shroud

Mending the Shroud is officially a month old! 

To celebrate we're casting the actors if it were made into a movie. Some characters are set, but others are missing. Of course it would help if you've read the novel, but I'll give basic descriptions and see what happens. Post pictures or links to your suggestions for the two missing characters. The winner will receive copies of books 1&2 in the Shroud Trilogy: Tearing the Shroud and Mending the Shroud!

First we have Vincent. I've always envisioned Robbie Amell for the lead. He'll have to "play down" in age, but he has the perfect look.

Addison Timlin is the ideal Jule and has that special something about her. A mischievous spark in her eyes that fits Jule to a tee.

Sari is a the heroine from the Realm and Julianne Hough rocks the part. She has that Nordic look caring demeanor so central to the character.

However, this outstanding selection still leaves us short a couple of vital characters...okay...a bunch but there's only one prize package. :-) Coleman and Jolie. Coleman is a blond, with short hair, about 6' tall, brown eyes. He's a lifelong warrior, a bit of a rogue and has a carefree attitude.  Jolie is brunette, green eyed, athletic. She's lived life as an archer and healer. She's fun-loving and faithful to her friends.

Post your ideas in the comments 
and let the fun begin! 
Remember to choose one of each to qualify.

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