Saturday, February 1, 2014

S.E. Gilchrist: Star Pirate's Justice Reveal and Giveaway!

S.E. Gilchrist and I sat down for a chat about her novels and writing life. She's an interesting person and great author and I'm overjoyed to have her stop by.

Your currently released Novel is Star Pirate’s Justice. What are you working on now?

My next sci fi single title in my Darkon Warriors series, When Star’s Collide, a novella in the same series, Star Smuggler’s Gold a post-apocalyptic romance, Beyond Aquarius and a hot fantasy novella, Spellbound In Moonlight in the Moonlight Cravings Anthology.

When you wrote Star Pirate’s Justice, did anything happen in the story that you didn’t expect?

Yes, and it happened to my heroine’s sister but unfortunately I don’t want to give any spoilers. I had to do a fairly big soul search to decide whether to go with it or not. In the end, I kept it in the story.

Are you a quick writer? About how many words a day?

I’m happy if I get the time to sit in my study every day since I have a full time day job – I try to go for a minimum of 10k words per week rather than a daily count. Depending on the scene I’m writing will also affect my word flow. Plus, often I need to research something, like futuristic weapons for example.

Where is your ideal writing place?

My study and preferably, home alone.

Cats or Dogs?


Have you ever written something that shocked you when you read back over it? If so, what?

Definitely, twice now! First time was in Legend Beyond the Stars, when I had one of my minor characters commit suicide and the second time was in Bound by Love with a very, very explicit love scene.

In Star Pirate’s Justice which of your characters would you most like to have lunch with? 

The bounty hunter, Pinsku.

What would they want to eat? 

Probably some alien form of worms.

What tattoo would you get, to celebrate your novel? 

I’m not into self inflicted pain – I prefer chocolate or red wine.

Which is the more enjoyable to write, a hero or villain? 

A villain as I can make him / her as nasty, evil, twisted as I want then give them a ‘good’ trait, like a love of puppies or a passion for cooking.

Have you used a personal tragedy or difficulty as basis for a scene? 

I prefer not to comment here (the answer is yes, but I will not go into details ).

Give us an item on your bucket list. 


Have you ever written vicariously? 

Oooh, yeah! Apart from the naughty bits, I’d have to say flying a space ship. I’d love to zip around the stars and planets – as long as I can get home again .

What is your favorite attribute in a person?  


And your least favorite attribute in someone?


Did you include either of those in your current novel? 

Yes, both actually .

Your personal or favorite motto.  

Live a good life and be kind to others.


SE can't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hand. Now she writes stories where her favorite words are ...'what if' and 'where'? Having spent several years traveling around Australia, SE now resides in the beautiful Hunter Valley. She has visited Asia and the US and has many other countries on her bucket list.

Her writing features stories in the romance genres of futuristic/sci-fi, fantasy, ancient history and post-apocalyptic. She has now added contemporary rural romance to this list. The heat level of her stories varies from scorching to sweet and everything in between. SE is published by Momentum Moonlight and Escape Publishing and is an indie author. Current works in progress are: more stories in the Darkon Warriors series, an apocalyptic/sci fi New Adult book and another 'Bound' historical/fantasy novella.


Twitter - @SEGilchrist1 Gilchrist-Author

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