Friday, January 17, 2014

11 Psychological reasons for the NEW ADULT Category

I caught a snippet of psychologist Meg Jay's interesting TED Talk while listening to Nation Public Radio. The the few sentences I heard prompted me to search it out. What I found in it encapsulates many of the things that float through my mind regarding the New Adult category. Here are points that leapt out. For me, they are great reasons to support New Adult as a distinct category:

  1. The 20’s are a developmental sweet spot.
  2. There are 50 million 20 somethings in the United States right now…15% of the population.
  3. Psychologists, sociologists, neurologists and fertility specialists know that claiming your 20’s is one of the simplest, yet most transformative, things you can do for work, love, happiness and maybe even for the world. 
  4. 80% of life’s most defining moments take place by age 35. 
  5. The first 10 years of a career has an exponential impact on how much money you’re going to earn.
  6. More than half of Americans are married, living with, or dating their future partner by 30. 
  7. The brain caps off your second…and last…growth spurt in your 20’s as it rewires itself for adulthood. That means whatever it is you want to change about yourself; the 20’s is a good time to change it. 
  8. Personality changes more in your 20’s than at any other time in life.
  9. Female fertility peaks at age 28. 
  10. The 20’s are the critical period of adult development.
  11. Your 20’s are the defining decade of adulthood.
What are your thoughts? 

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