Monday, August 6, 2012

Literary Expectations: The Fruit Basket Upset

Years ago, Siskel and Ebert mentioned that audiences have certain expectations in a given film sequence.  They went on to note that even the best filmmakers catered to them.  One strange event they called “Fruit Basket Upset.”
They claimed that filmmakers seemed compelled to demolish some pile of fruit or produce in order to complete a chase sequence.  They showed several examples and pointed out their inexplicable inclusions.  In the years since then my wife and I have found their claim to be overwhelmingly accurate.  Yes, sorry, I’ve polluted your chase scene viewing forever. 
It makes me wonder, are there certain literary expectations?  Do mothers have to die?  (A claim I saw on recent agent tweets)  Must a hero a hero have an inherent weakness? 
Have you noticed any?  Post them up! 

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